Breaking Hearts


Is it okay to wish on breaking hearts?

I wish to know what kind of flowers would I be kindred to.
What would he bring me? A rose? Lilac?

I wish I knew how sweet a rainy night gets.
Would he take me out on a walk? Would he hold my hand?

I wish I knew how a sunset looks like after drowning in heady kisses!
Would he pull me closer? Sweep me off my feet?

I wish I knew the answers somehow!
Is destiny waiting to speak? Or is it just blank pages?




The parched earth denying mercy,
isn’t just infecting his stability.

The wheels on the highways,
burst without the heat and authority.

The empty bellies on the footpath,
the reckless urbanity;

It isn’t just one family;

All ours –

Posing for death in the backyard, in this uncertainty.

~ K



मनात भावना आटतायेत,
पण बांध तरी तसाच.

शब्दात शब्द गाठतायेत,
पण अर्थ मात्र लपलाच.

तरी आता पाय चालतात;

एका नवीन सूर्याची पहाट,
एका नवीन स्वप्नाची चाहूल,
निराशेच्या अंधारात आशा धरून!

आता पाय चालतायेत.

आणि चालायचा निमित्त मात्र एवढाच;

एक आवाज,
तुझा ,


आणि पायवाटाशी धरून ठेवणारा,
हातात हात तुझा.

~ K